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Pit head animation by swankie
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Well animation is a bitch XD I hated it in college. Honestly all you need is a few more frames to make it run smoother. That way the he...


Feathers and Poetry by Konohakitten
Feathers and Poetry
I ship these two so hard, god I love them ♥

Beatrice Wirt © Over the garden wall
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So what the hell is up with the new logo for DA? I was ok with the change they did last month but I'm baffled on the logo, what is it supposed to be?? No wait...I read their story and I guess their new logo is creative, it just really threw me off. I'm glad they wrote an article explaining how they came up with it though, because I would have gone mad other wise.
Into the unknown by Konohakitten
Into the unknown
I simply fell in love with OTGW, like omg I want to draw, it write, and love it!!! So here’s my first piece of fanart from it, there will be plenty more, believe me.

People have been wondering what I, an avid NS shipper, feel about the end of Naruto. I have commented to said responses but I have not put anything up on my sites. I have for the most part kept quiet, and most of that is because when I did voice my opinion I would be insulted and threatened by NH fans, and a few SS but mostly NH. No where was safe to talk and voice my opinion, that is by fair not just about shipping, accept for N&E, but other then that everywhere else is a war zone. I have been called stupid, an idiot, and pathetic all because of who I shipped. People have gone out of their way to make me and other NS fans, and other shippers, feel even worse than we already feel. Some of them love to kick us when we're down. I know not every NH fan, or SS, is like this, and I'm thankful to those kind souls, but all I've seen is negativity. Someone even told me to just give up and die, it's horrible really. So with that said if you are indeed an NH shipper please be polite. I’m not posting this to debate or fight, Naruto is over, the shipping wars are done. I’m doing this so that I can release all of my negative feelings on the matter so that I can move on with my life. What I'm about to state is my over all feel for the ending, and again this isn't just about ships, it's about the entire story. With that said here are my thoughts.

 I’ve taken time to let my initial anger and disappointment with the ending of Naruto subside. At first all of my frustration was let out on Kishi, for being such a horrible writer, but the more I look at the things the more it became clear to me, the creator had nothing to do with his own ending. He is very guilty of poor writing, but the ending of Naruto, and the continuation of the series though a new generation were all about money. I think Kishi always had NS in his mind, but he never expected for Hinata, and Sasuke to have such a big following, and it didn't help that SJ and SP loved Hinata. Every chance SP had to make a filler they usually focused on her. Her confession and fight with Pain was made longer in the anime and dialogue was changed. Once it was clear that NH and SS were getting more and more support it came down to who would make more money, and that to me explains the horrible end to Naruto.The end that made no sense, that felt forced and rushed. Below I list my problems with the last two chapters, the movie, and the next gen story.


Now my disappointments for the last two chapters are as follows. For starters the two panels of Hinata in 699 where just shoved in there. It's like she was the only one trapped in IT, and her reaction is the only one that needed almost a whole page to show it. Then again they gotta start showing us more of her since The Last is all about her. Anyhow back to the topic, the lack of interaction between Naruto and Sakura was heartbreaking. All he says is thanks Sakura-chan, that's it, there is no acknowledgement from her nor does Naruto say anything else. That promise of a lifetime was never acknowledge by any of them. I feel cheated because we didn't get closure. After everything that happened between those two we never got a complete wrap up of their development together. Even if they didn't become canon I would have wanted closure.

There wasn't even a serious talk between them were Naruto could have confessed. It's like once Sasuke came back Sakura was brainwashed and she suddenly got tunnel vision. Her character regressed and she went back to being a fan girl. I was shocked with her response to Sasuke's apology, “Sorry for what..” I mean really?! Who in the world is this girl?? Now I could maybe accept her behavior had she and Kakashi been there when Sasuke confessed to Naruto. If Sakura had heard him pour his heart out her reaction would be more fitting, but that didn't happen. I honestly think Kishi should have had another two chapters to wrap up everything after the war, it was all too rushed, which is what leads to my next problem. There was no verbal interaction between Naruto and Hinata. There was, thank you for everything, no hug, no hint of possible romance, there was nothing, just the way there never was anything romantic between them in the entire manga. Naruto was there for her at Neji's funeral, but what friend wouldn't be?

Then we get chapter 700 and bam NH and SS are canon, just like that. No explanation whatsoever. NS was logical it had a firm foundation and all 15 years of it was cast aside. Then what makes its worse is that we still don't see any romantic interaction between NH or SS! What the literal hell, I mean really? Knowing that The Last is there to make their relationships blossom makes it worse. Kishi had 700 chapters to build up both relationship but he didn't t do that, instead he made them both canon without a word spoken between both couples but a movie will magically fix all of that :hm: Even if Kishi had no control on the ending he could have easily made Naruto slowly fall out of love, and show it. He could have stopped the parallels he could have not had Naruto’s father compare Sakura to Kushina. Sakura could have said "I’m not your girlfriend and I never will be" instead of getting embarrassed and not denying it. He could have had Sasuke care for Sakura during their battle with Madera and Kaguya, but no, it didn't happen.

The rest of 700 was painful with the odd pairings, especially Chouji and Karui, where in the hell did that come from?!  Sai and Ino’s kid was literally Sai with blonde hair, and I couldn't for the life of me tell if it was a boy or girl! All the kids were bland, there was no creativity with their looks. Which makes me look a all the kids who are in school. Almost all the rookies had kids at the exact time, but then again its all about that new series and money right? You can just tell how all of this ass pulling was so that a new cash cow could be born with the next series that follows the next gen. Most everyone’s characters were destroyed, like Anko who is now all chipper and chubby, and her only thoughts are on food, or Tenten whose dream was to be a great kunoichi like Tsunade is now a shop owner who sells weapons. Peace does do this, but her passion should have always been there. Why couldn't she be training new weapon specialists? Then we see Lee training which is great but who did he marry?? Then there's Sakura, who is nothing more than a single mother and housewife. The girl who surpassed Tsunade and punched a god in the head is dusting bookshelves. Her character was destroyed in 699 but in 700 it was obliterated. Why couldn't she be at the hospital working? How hard would it be to have Salada go to her mothers work after school, but no all her dreams were forgotten. Now she can very well be a medic, and it’s her day off, but that’s assuming, and if we look at what we got then you have to work with what you have, so she’s just a house wife.

Then there's her relationship with Sasuke that just screams NO! From what we see Sasuke doesn't live in Konoha, he probably just comes by to visit. He's that dead beat dad that sleeps on the couch when he's in town. I wanted so much more for Sakura, but Kishi thought otherwise. I mean really what kind of message is this for kids, both girls and boys? For boys its never respect women, treat them like dirt, they like that. They'll love you no matter what so just treat them like garage. For girls its take all the abusive someone you love gives you, mentally and physically, because he really doesn't mean it. When he says he's sorry he's telling you the truth. A large amount of SS shippers even say that they wouldnt be in an abusive relationship like that, but they like the way the go together, and that's cool, but making them canon was a mistake. This is why NH happens as well. You take away Naruto's love interest and then he settles for Hinata, which isn't fair for her as well. Naruto only falls for her because Sakura was taken.

However the worst thing that beats NH and SS being canon, is that Naruto is a horrible father. As a parent I was crushed to see how he neglected his son. The one person who should know what his son is going through is him!!! Naruto knows that all too well and to see him do the exact same thing to his son is disgusting. He can make clones for crying out loud. What's so hard about making one so you can play hooky with your kid? That's what the real Naruto would do. I could see him ditching Hokage meetings and using a clone instead, or I could see him running late because he was goofy off with his son. Then I could see Shikamaru informing Sakura at work and she would be the one to set them both straight, instead she's stuck at home cleaning. It was all just horrible, but the father part really hit home. Naruto is a father in the fanfic I'm writing and to see the real Naruto fail really broke my heart. I couldn't stand seeing this stern serious Naruto tell his son "I just can't be your father", it was sickening. “You have to endure, because you're a shinobi too,” where the literal fuck did this hard ass come from? Where is the carefree lovable Naruto. He’s ruling in a time of peace, sure things are very busy because apparent technology advance in just 10 years but still, there is no reason for him to be so out of character.

Lots of people try and convince me that Naruto isn't a bad dad but when you look at the interaction that father and son have then you gotta see that he is. I didn't read chapter 700 so that I could fill in the blanks and assume that Naruto is a great dad. I'm looking at what I was given and for crying out loud Bolt writes on Naruto's face shitty father… It’s beyond apparent that Naruto isn't around much. Again I am and parent and so is Kishi, so it hurt how he made father and son interact. When you're a parent you are your child's sun and moon, you are their world. Everything you tell them they remember, and they take it to heart. As a parent it’s your purpose in life to love, protect, teach, and guide your kids. Your life, your hobbies, and your work should always be second, the moment you don't do that is the moment were you fail your child. Knowing what Naruto went through makes it that much more painful to read, and except. Kishi could have fixed everything with Naruto making a clone sending it off to the meeting and then he can tell his son the story of when he vandalize the mountain and how he did a better job at it too. This would have made a world a difference, but it didn't happen,and that’s sad.

Overall everything could have been handled way better with the last two chapters. I see the ending of Naruto as a literal train wreck. So many huge loose ends were left, and it looks like we’ll never get answers. I except the pairings, it doesn't mean I have to like them. Many people are quick to jump the gun and say that my feelings are all because my ship sunk, and that’s far from the truth. I am upset, I won’t lie, but all the things I’ve stated thus far explain my disappointment. Here is just small example on why I’m upset with the ending.

1. Yamoto’s comment to Sakura...never happened.

2. Sai confronting Naruto on his feelings….Sai who?

3. Naruto’s confession once his promise of lifetime was fullid….oh thats not important at all.

4.Naruto will never know Sakura literally pumped his heart and kept him alive….oops.

5.Naruto complimenting her forehead disguised as Sasuke….yeah nope.

6.The official data book still showing that Naruto has feelings for Sakura….our bad.

7.The parrales every single one, Kushina, Minato, Rin, Obito, Tsunade, Jiraiya… read into them too much, there was never anything there.

8.Sakura’s confession and Kishi stating that she wasn't lying entirely…..garbage.

9. Sakura looking hurt when she says Hinata loves Naruto…..she was clearly thinking of Sasuke then.

10. Having Naruto say Sakura is his girlfriend and she doesn't deny it, instead she gets embarrassed….he meant to say Hinata, it was typo.

The list goes on and on.


Now lets look at The Last. For starters I won’t see it, not because my OTP did not become canon but because I don’t want to support the people behind the butchering of Naruto and because I personally feel like the movie will feel rushed, and awkward. I think this because if Naruto is indeed over Sakura then he won't be able to act like himself around her. His blushing, his perverted attitude towards her,his goofy behavior and puppy dogs eyes that he'd display around her will be gone. Seeing the two of them interact is going to be painful to watch. Just take away Naruto's love for her, his smile will fade when he sees her and his happy “Sakura-chan” will vanish, once that does what are we left with?

"Good morning Sakura-san, have you seen Hinata-chan?"

Now I’m not saying that Naruto can’t be happy to see Sakura, I mean they have a bond after all, but for 15 years we’ve been told Naruto loves Sakura, Naruto loves Sakura, Naruto loves Sakura, and now out of no where, he doesn't. Which is cool, we all have to move on, but it hurts when its the hero that has to give up on his love. The hero whose motto was to never give up, gave up, and without any explanation. All the buildup lead to nothing, and the way everything was handle contributed to the ending.

Like I said before I accept the canon pairings, I'm not in denial, it just irks me how they make no sense, and how they were handled. Take Sakura and Sasuke for example, they were a team and they had bonds, but they were severed. After that almost every interaction they have is negative,but it's all erased with an 'I'm sorry." Then we have Hinata, whose moments are only two big ones, her confession, and her speech to Naruto which lead to the hand holding. Now my biggest problem is not that they happened, but that nothing came out of them. Hinata never approached Naruto when Sakura hugged him, she just smiled and stayed in the background, and Naruto in turn didn't say anything to Hinata, not even a thank you! This is why Kishi failed as a writer, he should have made Naruto have a moment with her where he acknowledged her, thanked her, hell hugged her, but no, instead we were lead on and as a writer it's your job to let your readers know what's important, and he overshadowed the confession with the lack of interaction between NH and Sakura's hug. You add in all his hints and parallels and it's beyond clear why we're so mad. I would have loved for Naruto to give Hinata and Sakura equal moments, this way it would be a real mystery when it came to who the end pair would be, but instead we were blind sided. We were literally fed lies. Kishi was working on The Last for two years so he knew what the ending was, so why couldn't he start writing more of Hinata and Naruto’s relationship 2 years ago?

This is why I feel there is no bond between NH and SS, there is no love, no journey to get there, especially together, and there is no chemistry. People feed me lies that Naruto always loved Hinata, but there's no real proof because just like SS its all one sided love, there is no denying that. The Last is a desperate attempt to explain chapter 700. It doesn't matter that this movie shows how both NH and SS lead to them being canon. Nothing can change the fact that everyone will know that that 110 minute long movie is the most interaction NH has had in 15 years, and that's sad. I’m not even sure if we get any SS development because it looks like Sasuke has been wandering around for 2 years. So the entire movie is just focused on one side love turning into real love. Hinata was never in the spotlight, and when she was she vanished right away. Why would Kishi neglect the hero's "real" love interest and develop a relationship that would go nowhere? It all just doesn't make sense.


Now my last thoughts will be on Naruto’s kids,and if I will follow the new series. Now I literally sat in front of my laptop and stared at Bolt and his sister, and after a few minutes something dawned on me, my reasons for not liking them isn't about their looks when it comes down to it. My reason for not liking them is because I feel nothing when I look at them. I didn't see their parents go through ups and downs, I didn't see their parents friendship blossom into a strong bond. I never got to see their mom and dad fall in love, and that's because most of those things were seen with Naruto and Sakura, not with Hinata. Even in the last two chapters we saw no romantic interaction between Naruto and Hinata, and no matter what anyone says The Last is going to feel forced. It’s like the studio is force feeding the audience this love story that was always one sided in the manga. I fell in love with Naruto and Sakura's relationship so there was no doubt in my mind that I would loved their children because I would have a literal meltdown entitled my babies are having babies. However that didn't happen, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d feel nothing towards Naruto kids, and I never thought I’d be disappointed on whom Naruto became. With that said I will not keep up with the new series. I don’t care about Bolt, or whatever story they decided to give him and his friends.

I invested 12 years of my life to Naruto, and to think that in the end it came to this is heart breaking. Kishi had developed a wonderful cast, but they were destroyed in my eyes. Why couldn't Sakura get over Sasuke and his abusive ways? Why couldn't Hinata focus on herself and her legacy? Why was she always just about Naruto, and why did Naruto give up on his dream girl with no explanation? Why did he grow up to be so focused on work and not his family? Why did it all have to end so bad? I'd like to share what my husband said about the end pairings. It really brought things into perspective.

"All relationships, whether they are romantic or not, all need a firm foundation in order to work, they are like buildings you can say. NS is tall 20 story tower that has deep set foundation that makes it strong and unwavering, but it has no roof, it wasn't completed. NH and SS are both tall and they are completed, they have a roof, but their foundation are thin little polls and the buildings sway from side to side because of the instability. Being canon means nothing when the base of your relationship is based on nothing."
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Now then time to draw....but what to draw....hmmm.
Chapter 31 of my fanfic is out :D i can't believe I've been writing it for 3 years, makes me wonder how Kishi feels after 15 years of Naruto, and it all ends next week. it's just insane. Anyhow halloween is coming which means, my hubby birthdays, Samhain, and Day of the dead, oh and we jump back and hour, yay!!

Commission details and pricing.
$15 for a Black & White (inked/penciled outline), no bg
$25 for a full colored picture (background is +$5)
+$5 for having more than three characters/people/animals in the picture
+$5 if you want the original sketch sent to you by mail.
I'll provided you with a digital copy of the picture but the original will cost extra as stated above.

To get a commission from me or more info on prices just send me a note. Also if I'm drawing your Oc or if you want a certain pose please provide me with links to reference pics for convenience.

The payment will be made through my Paypal account. I will send you a notice for collecting through emails.
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